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Maker Spotlight: MorninGloria's

Friday Feature by SF Etsy 7/24/18

I was first introduced to MorninGloria's beaded flower jewelry when we were both vendors at a craft fair in SF. I was immediately struck by all of the color in her display - vibrant blues, rich reds, warm amber - just a gorgeous array of hues that catch the eye....

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7 Benefits of Selling at Craft Shows

by Gloria Rubio - SF Etsy 2/28/2018

There comes a time in a maker’s life where you begin to contemplate whether to sell your work in a public setting. Whether at craft shows, farmers markets, street fairs, or festivals… it takes a lot of thought, preparation, and investment to participate in these arenas, but the value that you can receive is often worth the effort. Here are 7 benefits of selling at craft fairs. Read more...